Carlos Montamarta

Meet the author behind our project to save and reconvert the Union Naval de Levante S.A. and the deign of a ZERO-Emisisons Port of Valencia!


The Author

Born and raised in Valencia, the author of this Project holds a Master's Degree in Naval Architecture, Marine and Oceanic Engineering from the University of A Coruña in Spain.


With over fifteen years of experience in the naval sector, our author began his professional career at the shipyard Unión Naval Valencia S.A. (formerly Unión Naval de Levante S.A.) in 1997-1998. He has since worked in new construction and naval repairs in shipyards and Classification Societies, including as a Marine Surveyor at the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) and Bureau Veritas.


During his time as a Marine Surveyor, our author discovered his passion for megayachts and yachts, conducting numerous inspections aboard them as a representative of the Italian Maritime Administration and Class Surveyor.


In addition to his professional expertise, the author is also a Yacht-Master and enjoys recreational boating and water sports.


Join us in supporting his innovative project, the current Valencia Port, into a yachting business and sustainable transportation hub!


Author's Intellectual Property

As the author of this project, I assert my intellectual property rights and ownership over all creative works and ideas generated as part of this project. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Written materials, including reports, articles, and other documentation
  • Designs, drawings, and other visual or graphic elements
  • Software code and other technical materials
  • Research findings, data sets, and other scientific or analytical information.

I reserve the right to control the use, distribution, and sharing of these materials and seek legal remedies when my intellectual property rights are violated.


I have established policies and procedures for sharing and protecting confidential information to protect my intellectual property. This includes non-disclosure agreements, restricted access to specific project documents, and secure storage of intellectual property materials.


I also expect all team members and stakeholders involved in this project to respect my intellectual property rights and to adhere to these policies and procedures. This includes refraining from sharing or using confidential information without my consent and reporting any suspected violations of intellectual property rights.


By establishing clear ownership and control over my intellectual property, I hope to ensure that this project is used and shared responsibly and productively and that my contributions are recognized and protected.